I’m a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer and nothing will beat photographing a wedding for me, capturing those stories and real emotions, the people and all the details that come with every wedding day. I love photographing people and telling stories through my images. There is never one wedding the same as another, yes they follow a similar format but its the people that make it. I used to love looking at my mum and dad’s wedding album (which may have only had around 20 images in it) but there was always one image that stuck out to me. It is one of my mum laughing as she opens a present, a fondue set – I’m not sure who it was from! But it’s that image. The one that captures that moment in time that really tells a story. Technically its probably the worst picture in the album, but its my favourite as you can see real genuine emotions in the photo. So perhaps thats where my love of story telling came from. I hope my clients and their children will look back at the images I’ve taken of them on their wedding day in years to come and really smile, laugh or cry (in a good way) as they bring back memories or tell a story to those who weren’t there. Anyway I’m not sure where I’m going with this….

So anyway back to the point at hand, this year I have been involved in several wedding styled shoots which I always love too. Its a chance to try out new things, meet other wedding suppliers which is always nice and then ultimately try get images published in various magazines or on blogs. This styled shoot was held at Jervaulx Abbey near Ripon. Pamella Dunn and Betty from Bespoke Vintage Castle came up with the theme of white, green and grey with a hint of copper.

On the day Pam set up a long table covered in an opulent rose textured table cloth and filled the table with all manner of wedding wonderfulness. Betty created some gorgeous hair accessories that really worked with the dresses from Ghost Orchid Bride. The flowers were by River and Rose and were beautiful and big, Kirsty added grey marble silk ribbons to her bouquet from Pompom Blossoms. Aimee Akbar did Gullu’s hair and makeup. Where the Ribbon Ends made some show stopper cakes for the dressing table and I created some calligraphy wedding stationery from my JB Creatives side of the business. It all came together on the day and looked stunning. I also got to play with creating some moving images. Cinemography which you can see at the bottom of the post. Here are some images.

Here I got to practice a moving image. Cinemography. Heres a couple I tried out….